About Act BootCamp

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy began as a behavior analytic method for improving behavioral adaptation to psychological distress. Over the last decade, specialists have tailored ACT to be used in ABA practice contexts, most notably with parents, staff, and verbally competent clients. In this workshop, we will review the history of ACT and ACTraining, critical advances in the experimental analysis of behavior that led to Relational Frame Theory (RFT), and the RFT account of human language that explains the way ACT serves to facilitate direct contingency management. Next, participants will learn the six repertoires involved in behavioral flexibility, with emphases on both behavioral and lay ways of defining these skills. We will then focus on ways to conduct ACT functional assessment as an adjunct to ABA FBA procedures. Following that, participants will practice delivering ACT using three distinct procedures: the ACT Matrix, metaphor creation, and physicalized metaphor exercises. During evening sessions, we will discuss the use of PROSOCIAL ACT to help groups develop sustainable communitarian practices, hear about ways to implement ACT in different settings, as well as devote time to practice our ACT skills together.