The BootCamp is suitable for therapists and students in the therapy professions, including psychologists, psychotherapists, behavior analysts, social workers, occupational therapists, speech therapists and others.
The course is suitable for different levels of experience with ACT. For those who are not familiar with ACT and want to acquire knowledge and skills, the course will enable them to start implementing the model in their work immediately after completion of the course. For those who are familiar with ACT, the course will enable them to deepen their knowledge and improve their skills in implementing the model.
Yes, absolutely! The course is recognized by several professional organizations: • The Israel Psychological Association recognizes the course as a professional course. According to wage agreements, this training will be recognized as paid absence from work and will be financed by the employer. • The course is recognized for the purpose of accumulating Continuing Education Units by the American Psychological Association (APA), and participants will be awarded 30 CEUs. • The course is recognized for the purpose of accumulating Continuing Education Units by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB), and participants will be awarded 30 CEUs. These points will include all the Supervision and Ethics CEUs required within certification cycle.
To our delight, a variety of courses and training programs in ACT are offered in Israel. Many professionals consult with us as to which training is most suitable for them. While the answer to this question is personal, here are some things to keep in mind: • The facilitator of the course is Dr. Tom Szabo, who has Master's and Doctorate in Psychology (Behavior Analysis). Tom is a world-renowned ACT expert, RFT researcher and a peer-reviewed ACT trainer with unique experience in the field. Tom is part of the professional staff that facilitates the ACT BootCamps in the United States. This is the first time this course is being offered in Israel, until this day Israeli professionals have gone to the US to take part in BootCamp. In Israel. Tom will be giving the course in English, a benefit for English speaking audiences (simultaneous translation to Hebrew is optional). • Participants will be given a booklet with course materials at the beginning of the BootCamp, as well as a certificate of completion of the course detailing the hours accumulated. • The course is interactive and includes many opportunities for active learning and hands-on training. For this reason, the course will not take place in a lecture hall, but rather in a space that allows comfortable seating around tables, free movement in space, and work in groups or pairs. This will enable you to practice and learn in an unforgettable way. • BootCamp registration includes breakfast and lunch, refreshments throughout the day, and a high standard of accommodation. • The BootCamp is an opportunity for communal learning, enabling networking and familiarity with people from various therapeutic fields. Who knows which great collaborations will be built during breaks and lunch time? • We know that four days from morning to evening is a huge commitment. But hey, this is a course about commitment. We hope that the early notice of this BootCamp will enable participants to prepare for the intensive course in advance, and that the central location of the course (walking distance from Savidor public transportation station in Tel Aviv) will allow those of you who live far away to arrive comfortably.
One of the nice things about the ACT model is that it's a trans-diagnostic treatment model. That is, the treatment is not focused on one specific disorder, and is not at all bound to the symptoms of any disorder. Thus, each therapist can adapt the model to work with his or her clients, whether they are adults, young adults, adolescents or children, with any specific diagnosis (including clinical comorbidities), or patients without any diagnosis, who want to improve their quality of life in one aspect or another. The ACT model is used by therapists through individual, couples or group therapy, in parents and staff training, and even with employees and organizations. The wide range of professionals who can benefit from the ACT BootCamp also attests to the wide range of clients that can enjoy the fruits of ACT therapeutic process.
Dude, why are you reading this? Go do some committed actions. If you don't know what committed action is, then yes, this course is for you.