Cancellation policy

Cancellation Policy Made Simple

 We know that you have read our site's terms of use carefully including all of its 3,195 paragraphs, but just in case you did not, here is an explanation of our cancellation policy, in simple terms including examples.


So, BootCamp registration may be cancelled within 14 working days. If this is the case, you will receive a full refund, minus a cancellation fee of 100 NIS or 5% of the transaction value (whichever is lower) and the credit commission (between 1% to 3% depending on your credit card company).


There are two scenarios in which cancellation will not be possible: One, if more than 14 days have passed since the transaction was made, and two - less than 48 hours from the beginning of the BootCamp. In these situations, unfortunately cancellation is not an option, BUT you can transfer the right to participate to another person (after you updated us, of course).


Here are some examples that may help make everything clearer:

 Steven enrolled the BootCamp in early March. Registration cost was 2,025 NIS. A week after registration he had to cancel. Too bad, but we will honor the cancellation and charge him only for a cancellation fee of 100 NIS and the credit commission fee, meaning that Steven will be refunded 1,899 NIS.


Two weeks later Steven changed his mind, and he enrolled the BootCamp together with his friend Kevin. Fun! They got the early registration and 2 professional registration discounts, and paid 3,510 NIS. But after four days Steven realized he cannot attend the BootCamp, and decided to cancel his registration. Kevin is still planning to go, so they will receive a refund for Steven's relative share, cleaning 100 NIS and the credit commission fee, i.e. 1,645 NIS.


A month later Linda convinced Steve to register the BootCamp, and they have registered together as a couple. This time the amount of the transaction is 3,960 NIS because the early registration has ended. We really want to meet Steven in the course, but after a month he has to cancel again (Talking about Commitment, this may be the time to take Steven to a heart to heart conversation about, well, commitment). This time, unfortunately, we cannot confirm the cancellation because more than 14 days have elapsed since the date of purchase, so Steven and Linda will be charged the full amount. If Steven wants to, he can pass the right to participate to someone else, and let us know.


At the end Steven decided to attend the BootCamp and he enjoyed it very much. Since then he has been attending all ACT conferences around the world.


 ** The numbers shown are mere examples and do not bind the organizers in real situations.